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Rotor Republic is interested in creating long-term partnerships because we have your acute business goals in mind. From getting the the perfect aerial shot to setting up your business with your own fleet of multirotors, we’re here to make sure you get exactly what you need to achieve sustainable success.

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Recent work

Please check out a few examples of recent work by Rotor Republic.

Residential Real Estate
Aerial Photography & Videography

Whether you’re an individual real estate agent looking for some aerial coverage of a beautiful property or part of a larger agency looking for full coverage of several homes or developments, we can create exactly what you’re looking for to enhance your properties and show them off in their best light.

We approach every project from your perspective, to understand your goals and what you need to accomplish. By understanding these strategic objectives we can best partner with you to achieve the greatest outcome. This is the intersection of photographic/video expertise and business intelligence.

Whether you need some amazing still photography or engaging video to make your customers feel like they’re right there, we can create just the right experience for you. Let us be your partner today.

Commercial Real Estate
Aerial Photography & Videography

In commercial and business environments, we approach projects with the utmost respect for professionalism and efficiency. Whether you need aerial surveying, mapping, or simply aerial photography or videography of a structure or location, Rotor Republic is your source and partner to fulfill your needs now and in the future.

While similar to residential real estate, commercial buildings and real estate have a unique audience in mind and often will need to showcase different aspects and qualities.

Rotor Republic can create beautiful still photography or engaging video to highlight your commercial real estate and make it stand out from the crowd. Reach out today to begin the conversation.

Media & Landscape
Photography & Videography

Multirotors allow us to get a truly unique view of the world. In addition to commercial purposes, we can also capture inspiring landscape photography and video that would otherwise be too cost prohibitive or difficult.

Whether used for artistic purposes or for media coverage, we can suit all needs. We can cover sporting events, sporting activities, extreme sports as well as media and special events. In situations that involve people, like any other, we always operate with safety our chief concern and will never fly over groups of people.

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Aerial Crop Mapping and Monitoring Program

farm field

In today’s extreme weather climate, being able to quickly and easily assess crop health is becoming ever more important for modern agriculturalists. Small autonomous drones are a perfect solution to safe and quick crop monitoring.

Agriculturalists can utilize both fixed-wing and multirotors in order to quickly survey their crops, assess crop health, and create multi-image arial maps of entire fields.

We can help agriculturalists setup and maintain their own crop monitoring program so that they can launch their drone at whatever intervals they would like and fly by GPS along predetermined flightpaths to capture live and recorded video for observation and management.

We can create a custom multirotor or fixed-wing aircraft to perfectly suit the needs of an agriculturalist while also providing training and support along the way.

Business Consulting

Multirotor Aircraft in Business Use

Custom Projects  ·  Custom Aircraft  ·  Education  ·  Support

There are myriad business uses for autonomous multirotor aircraft in business use. We offer full-service consulting services to help businesses assess their need for multirotor aircraft and create solutions that will work for them. Whether businesses require individual multirotor services or wish to bring multirotor expertise in-house, we can help them quickly and effectively realize these goals.

Consulting projects can range from small one-day projects that require special attention, to years-long multi-phase projects requiring custom hardware configurations, custom software development, staff training, education and program support.

Rotor Republic was started by technology-focused business people with MBA backgrounds, not by hobbyists. We are serious about your success and helping you achieve it.

While there are many different types of multi-rotor and fixed wing aircraft available on the market today, many are either focused on the low-end hobbyist market or for extreme scenarios. In many cases, custom-built and modified aircraft are the best solution for most situations in order to reduce or eliminate the number of compromises that are inherent with pre-built aircraft.

Rotor Republic has the expertise and knowledge to spec, design, build and support custom built aircraft to exactly meet your needs and requirements.

One area sorely lacking today in the multirotor industry today is proper education and training. Most often training and pilot technique is fostered from the hobbyist community through trial-and-error, which perpetuates the fly-crash-repair cycle, for which the business community simply doesn’t have the time. And while aircraft are becoming easier to fly due to advanced technology within today’s flight controllers, pilots must still be properly trained on proper flying technique and safety precautions. These steps are crucial to any individual or company utilizing drone aircraft.

Whether you require individual training or need to train and educate an entire staff, we can be your primary source to bring you up to speed quickly and safely.

While we strive to create the best solutions upfront and train operators and pilots to the best of their ability, crashes can still occur and modifications may still be needed down the road. We offer full-service support for not only repair, but also modification and enhancement of existing aircraft to make them safer, more efficient, or provide added features and functionality.

When systems break down for any reason, you need support that is reliable and fast. Rotor Republic is your source for the support you need, when and where you need it.

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Welcome to the New Rotor Republic!

Welcome to the New Rotor Republic!

Welcome to the new Rotor Republic! We are happy and excited to show off our new corner of the internet and to bring to people knowledge and expertise of the amazing capabilities of multirotor drone aircraft for business. We strive to be your source for business...